Range algorithms, views, and actions for the Standard Library
The reference documentation is split into logical modules, as documented in the user manual.
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 MetaA tiny metaprogramming library
 TraitTrait invocation/composition
 InvocationTrait invocation
 CompositionTrait composition
 LogicalLogical operations
 Query/SearchQuery and search algorithms
 TransformationTransformation algorithms
 RuntimeRuntime algorithms
 Integer sequenceEquivalent to C++14's std::integer_sequence
 ExtensionExtend meta with your own datatypes
 MathIntegral constant arithmetic
 UtilityUtility classes
 ConceptsConcept-checking classes and utilities
 CoreCore range functionality
 AlgorithmsIterator- and range-based algorithms, like the standard algorithms
 ViewsLazy, non-owning, non-mutating, composable range views
 ActionsEager, mutating, composable algorithms