Daixtrose Engineering is a consulting company aiming at interdisciplinary teams developing high-tech products. I offer support in the following fields:

Interdisciplinary communication in heterogeneous and distributed teams

Markus Werle

  • Tool landscapes for a lean development process
  • Continuous improvements
  • Change management
  • Introduction to Nonviolent Communication


Ergonomics and Designs

  • Taking a human-centric approach to product design
  • Functional Safety aspects of design

Certification and homologation for vehicle projects

Markus sitting on Duck

  • Communication with certification authorities and assessment entities like e.g. TÜV
  • Functional Safety Assessment
  • Hazard and Risk Analysis
  • Documentation

Software Development

Software Development

  • Support and preparation of the software development process certification according to CMMI
  • Requirements Management
  • Dependency and Configuration Management
  • Modern CMake build systems
  • Education of Modern C++
  • Continuous Integration and DevOps
  • Code development in C++20
  • Algorithm development



  • Concepts for Electrics and Electronics
  • Consulting for mechanical design, especially laser-cut and bending of thin metal sheets


Markus and Duck

  • Mathematical Methods
  • Handling of LIDAR and RADAR measurement data
  • ROS2