Range algorithms, views, and actions for the Standard Library
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ranges::v3::concepts::IndirectlyProjectedCopyable Member List

This is the complete list of members for ranges::v3::concepts::IndirectlyProjectedCopyable, including all inherited members.

requires_(I i, P p, O o) -> decltype(concepts::valid_expr(concepts::model_of< Readable, I >(), concepts::model_of< RegularInvokable, P, Readable::reference_t< I >>(), concepts::model_of< SemiRegular, O >(), concepts::model_of< Writable, O, Invokable::result_t< P, Readable::reference_t< I >>>())) (defined in ranges::v3::concepts::IndirectlyProjectedCopyable)ranges::v3::concepts::IndirectlyProjectedCopyable